Benefits of Real Estate Investing Courses

Today real estate investing is one of the profitable markets which will give you super opportunities to make money easily. This is a market which has very little risks or losses. It is considered that, real estate investing is much more profitable and beneficial when compared to share market or buying and selling currency or gold or silver. Our government also provides investors with many tax benefits such as special government refunds and saving like the HST and GST. This is one of the reasons why so many people take up real estate investing courses to become an investor and this the biggest financial industry for many Americans. Now there are numerous benefits, when it comes to investing in real estate. For example you are the boss of your business and you don’t need to have a showroom or an office. You can actually work sitting at your home! But you are required to do some home work, as you need to know more about the real estate market, latest trends, mortgages and taxes to become a successful investor.

If you are interested in real estate investing and serious about it, then you must be taking courses from an approved real estate school which will give you seminars, books, magazines, online journals, audio and video CDs that will provide all the necessary information that you need to get ready to become an investor. Taking such courses will basically widen your knowledge about real estate investing. It will give you many useful website that you can refer to develop your business. It will also provide you with other useful information like the costliest and cheapest real estate areas, articles to refer, blogs and news which will keep you updated about the world of real estate investing! This information will give you all the adequate knowledge to pass the required test.

Once you have prepared well, you must take up a licensing exam to become an investor which is compulsory in all states of America. Once you pass this exam, you will be provided with a license to practice as an investor, and later you can take up more courses to improve your skills and knowledge. Before you take up a course, make sure that you are taking the right course for the right exam. There are many people who have wasted money and precious time on seminars and courses which will give no benefits.

Deepak Kankani Chartered Accountant Strategist, Achiever & Financial Controller with exposure in multi-cultural environments; sound understanding of the basic framework of financial accounting with the firm contribution in managing consolidation, accounting & auditing functions for the organization with an aim to accomplish organizational goals. Targeting assignments in Auditing, Financial Accounting, IT Implementation Projects.

Financial Planning Services – Because Knowledge in CA Deepak Kankani

his is proper that our complete lifestyles revolve spherical the finance. We paintings hard to make cash and plan various investments and financial savings and we constantly try that our finances should be in proper shape. you furthermore may be operating tough in coping with your workplace or enterprise and getting cash. however, do you believe you studied that each one your economic subjects are in good shape, so you watched that every one your investments would offer profit, do you’ve got a proper safety and 401-k plan? a majority of these questions are crucial ones and in case your answer is no for anybody of those then this is the proper time to opt for monetary planning Deepak Kankani Chartered Accountant.

In reality, economic making plans offerings firms are the one’s firms which plan your finance through providing various beneficial offerings for your safety, pensions, funding & financial savings, mortgage Deepak Kankani Kolkata healthcare, tax making plans and additionally group employee advantages. those firms offer their services to both man or woman and corporate clients. these firms are composed of finance researchers who’re qualified professionals, carefully selected and fastidiously trained. they may be supported by way of a provider focussed administration and research team providing exquisite aid in all regions of economic Deepak Kankani CA CS.


in recent times many people are opting for money making plans offerings companies for taxation making plans. that is a known truth that the frequency and importance of modifications in taxation legal guidelines are affecting many small to medium businesses. The expert taxation crew of these firms can offer tremendous taxation offerings and hold you up to date with the modern taxation legislation. that is a tremendous way to be aware of every day changing in taxation laws and to minimise taxation liabilities. You also can get assistance regarding country tax problems like state taxes, land tax, stamp responsibility, payroll CA Deepak Kankani goods and offerings tax and so on.

Responsible for accounting, consolidation, uniform chart of accounts, master maintenance, consulting on Accounting and presentation issue.
Provided training to divisions and group companies and presentation to top management.
Ensuring timely updating of Corporate Trial Balance and Financial Statements in compliance with applicable Accounting Standards, Companies Act and other relevant rules and regulations.


Alternative Financing CA Deepak Kankani in Kolkata

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Alternative bank finance has considerably redoubled since 2008. In distinction to bank lenders, different lenders usually place bigger importance on a business’ growth potential, future revenues, and plus values instead of its historic profitableness, record strength, or trustiness.

Alternative disposal rates are above ancient bank loans. However, the upper value of funding could usually be an appropriate or sole different within the absence of ancient Deepak Kankani CA CS. What follows may be a rough sketch of the choice disposal landscape.

Factoring is that the finance of account assets. Factors are a lot of centred on the receivables/collateral instead of the strength of the record. Factors lend funds up to a most of eightieth of due worth. Foreign assets are usually excluded, as ar stale assets. assets older than thirty days and any due concentrations are typically discounted bigger than eightieth. Factors typically manage the clerking and collections of assets. Factors typically charge a fee and interest.



Asset-Based disposal is that the CA Deepak Kankani of assets like inventory, equipment, machinery, property, and sure intangibles. Asset-based lenders can usually lend no bigger than seventieth of the assets’ worth. Asset-based loans are also term or bridge loans. Asset-based lenders typically charge a closing fee and interest. Appraisal fees are needed to ascertain the worth of the asset(s).

Sale & Lease-Back finance. This methodology of finance involves the synchronous commercialism of property or instrumentation at a value typically established by Associate in Nursing appraisal and leasing the plus back at a market rate for ten to twenty-five years. Deepak Kankani Kolkata is offset by a lease payment. to boot, a liabilities could get to be recognized on the sale group action.


Purchase Order Trade Deepak Kankani Chartered Accountant may be a fee-based, short loan. If the manufacturer’s credit is suitable, the acquisition order (PO) loaner problems a Letter of Credit to the manufacturer guaranteeing payment for product meeting pre-established standards. Once the product ar inspected shipped to the client (often producing facilities are overseas), Associate in Nursing an invoice generated. At this time, the bank or alternative supply of funds pays the PO loaner for the funds advanced. Once the PO loaner receives payment, it subtracts its fee and remits the balance to the business. PO finance is a cheap different to maintaining inventory.

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Attained all India 5th Rank in CS final
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CA Deepak Kankani Tax Obligations and Paying Low Tax in Kolkata

Paying low tax within the variety of reduction are often steer clear off doing something that might compromise you within the eyes of the law. several folks will truly cash in of sure Deepak Kankani Chartered Accountant breaks and exemptions. If you’ve got a business, then you’ll be able to pay a reduced quantity by having a close and clear designing in relevance your company’s taxation. If you’re involved regarding revenue enhancement, then you’ll be able to additionally create use of sure deductions and exemptions which will cut back your taxes considerably.

You should take into account paying low tax or a minimum of a lower quantity that the one you’re presently paying as a result of you’ll be able to place that cash to different sensible uses. If you honestly feel that you just ought to have reduced Deepak Kankani CA CS obligations, then you’ll be able to apply ways that on however your payment is often de jure and truly reduced.

If you are doing not have a transparent understanding of however the tax laws work, then you ought to acquire the services of a tax planner. Tax designing is finished for a person or a corporation to own a transparent and outlined set up for the payment of monetary obligations to the state or to society. so as to pay low CA Deepak Kankani having a useful planner verify your attainable exemptions and breaks will work.


You should additionally take into account paying low tax in order that, as a business or as a person, you’ll be able to direct your cash and savings to different obligations. cash saved from CA Deepak Kankani exemptions within the family often places to instructional funds, bank account, house repair, and lots of others. If you’re a business, then these tax breaks and savings are often wont to expand the business, to extend worker earnings, or perhaps as extra profit.

One issue is, sure enough, you’ll be able to pay lower or reduced taxes as long as you’ve got a close and clear tax set up. you’ll be able to either lie with by yourself or with the assistance of Deepak Kankani Kolkata specialists. Paying reduced taxes doesn’t cause you to less of an accountable national as a result of you’re still doing all your duty to pay however you’re being wise enough to place cash into different sensible use.

Responsible for accounting, consolidation, uniform chart of accounts, master maintenance, consulting on Accounting and presentation issue.
Provided training to divisions and group companies and presentation to top management.
Ensuring timely updating of Corporate Trial Balance and Financial Statements in compliance with applicable Accounting Standards,

About Contemplating a Profession in Finance in CA Deepak Kankani

Finding out college courses and online course every price time and greenbacks. Realizing the careers awaiting a Deepak Kankani CA CS elementary correct when incomes his sheepskin is not a nasty factor.

Listed here area unit nicely-recognized samples of careers in finance which could be quality positions with sensible pay. note for every place is completely totally different from the choice, from the skills needed to the tasks confronted, and by no suggests that all area unit entry-level positions.

Accounts Assistant. A multi-faceted entry-stage place, being associate accounts assistant will give most well-liked opportunities in gaining experience and material possession you resolve on what specific self-discipline to specialise in. the likelihood is you will be schooled a whole bunch, together with regarding automotive profession Deepak Kankani CA CS amount coverage rate.



Payroll. Evidently, a necessary division of any company because it is responsible for salaries and wages. Issue rises in proportion to the quality and dimension of a company’s structure. Substantial information in funds and taxes is important for anyone trying to figure on this field.

Banking. in all probability primarily the foremost properly-preferred selections, you’ll work every aboard the frontlines or inside the background. this subject provides a full heap of selections for any prospective CA Deepak Kankani worker. massive banking firms gift a lot of reliable job security than these in numerous fields.

Credit Controller. operating with assets, credit controllers primarily confirm the common periodic funds of invoices by the corporate. except for this, the performance might vary in numerous firms.

Underwriter. the amount may be a subtle discipline and underwriters area unit one amongst several crucial essential job positions on the market. they’re responsible for your premium and all totally different points like automobile profession CA Deepak Kankani in Kolkata insurance protection rates, thus being one will truly give some fascinating opportunities.

Auditor. every within and exterior auditors have the equivalent basic perform, yet the distinction is from World Health Organization the leader is. Exterior auditors work for metropolis companies whereas within auditors work within firms. because of this reality, just some companies area unit sufficiently massive to justify the employment of inner auditors.

Management controller. The reverse of the associate auditor, management accountants fill the position of prediction future Deepak Kankani Chartered Accountant, that offers data very important for coming up with and strategizing.

Private Equity. very superior however ordinarily found functioning on funding enterprise begin-ups, staff operating in camera fairness peruse portfolio of investments, citing dangers and rewards. Trade specialists and merchants rely upon personal equity to supply the information and advise on managing portfolios and investments.

Enterprise Analyst. Analyzing each tangible and intangible subject concerned in a very enterprise, the enterprise analyst highlights the problems and provides the alternatives for substantial solutions. This position is important for firms that arrange to survive the ups and downs of business.

Ensured statutory compliance in regard to Service tax payable; BRS and RIT reflect the true picture of the financials of the company.
Ensured reconciliation of internal transaction and control at both Standalone and Consolidated level.
Prepared Cash flow statement for both ITC stand alone and consolidated level.

Learn The Steps To a Successful E-Commerce Business In Kolkata

Have you ever fanciful living a life while not cars which implies trekking long distances, while not tractors and therefore the likes which implies cultivation the soil with hoes, while not primarily the items that’ll build living easier and pleasant however all due to technology and its inventions we’ve got everything at our fingertips. And affirmative this has widened our horizon and everybody thinks it’s superb owning a business cause once the technology is concerned, it will be swift and attention-grabbing.

We have numerous quite businesses that have thrived and survived however our focus here is Deepak Kankani Chartered Accountant and what’s entailed fixing such. Its true there are several edges that go with owning a business like being known as a C.E.O. having that massive catchy brand, nice sitting of business premises with its frivolities, showiness and in fact, the foremost asked for that is that the ‘steady profit and income’. however many times, the focus is lost on the problems and difficulties encountered aboard the startup, let’s have a fast summary of e-commerce.

What Is E-commerce?

Have you at one purpose in time purchased shoes or garments via the net, sold your phone or gizmo victimization your laptops or perhaps had one or 2 bank transactions victimization the net method? If affirmative, you’ve got taken half in CA Deepak Kankani, if no then keep tuned as it’s served you currently. E-commerce is AN abbreviation of electronic commerce which may be outlined as a platform, technique or business model established for sellers and patrons for the only real purpose of ending business transactions of shopping for and commerce through an electronic medium. And stores that perform by commerce their product online are mentioned as electronic commerce (e-commerce) stores and that we have them around America. This platform permits clients to with success exchange merchandise and services while not the time or distance barrier returning between the parties concerned and this has helped originate sensible customer base and fostered unity across the world.

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Starting-up Your palmy E-commerce Business.

Starting up a palmy Deepak Kankani CA CS features a heap entailed as there are several things to seem out for whereas starting off, you wish to urge started within the right direction, therefore, there will not be mistakes that might sabotage your plan and pursuits; Let’s have a run through.

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A Step-By-Step Overview of Accounts In CA Deepak Kankani In Kolkata

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Many noobs within the Forex market are trying to find a simple answer to earn cash commercialism the exchange market. They pay a ton of cash to shop for tools, they pay time to look at the Forex charts till their eyes bleed, and a few unlucky ones even lose their period savings making an attempt to induce even with the market. typically a replacement merchandiser can take 3 to four years to eventually master the exchange market, however, by that time there are many that have tried and failing – over ninety % of them – departure them stone-broke and exhausted. finance with a reputable Forex cash manager has been the foremost easy answer to creating AN investment within the Forex market, as this leverages your cash executive’s time and knowledge, allowing you build up your capital while you’re still within the learning stages. Studies on skilled Forex cash manager CA Deepak Kankani have shown returns that aren’t associated with the performance of the general securities market.


Consequently, distributing a little of your portfolio to a Forex cash manager may be an appropriate thanks to increasing the portfolio’s total diversification. However, it’s continually advisable to impact a multi-layered diversification approach, since this might be a lot of trustworthy thanks for defending your capital from risk within the Forex market. this might embrace a little that you simply use in self-commercialism. Unless you’re insanely loaded, you cannot afford to take a position within the immense numbers of Forex cash manager programs on the net. Some solely use theoretical results that always do not do to expectation once you have your live Deepak Kankani Kolkata opened for management with them.

So, you must be terribly careful in choosing a licensed boss, or bosses, for your investments. These are some various things to presumably keep a watch out for: i ] The founder’s analysis and invested with their own capital in their own Forex cash management programs. Ii ] the fees are affordable, and typically in accordance with performance, therefore if you are doing well they are doing well. once you have found an honest Forex cash manager, you’re likely to envision the subsequent advantages if you invest with them: – quality diversification from exchange commercialism that won’t be tied to the securities market, property, commodities then on. – skilled quality foreign-exchange Deepak Kankani CA CS management. – varied currency exchange commercialism discipline victimization the main currencies solely. – period of time account management and news. – currency exchange commercialism account opened because of the client’s name and all controlled by the client, through AN freelance third party.

A persuasive & influential professional with over 8 years of extensive experience in Auditing, IT Projects, Manufacturing, Finance, Indirect Taxation, Consultancy, MIS & Reporting, Accounts & Finance and Working Capital Management.

CA Deepak Kankani Small Business Accounting in Kolkata

It is usually detected that several tiny business organizations overlook the need of associate economical accounting team. They target every and each side of their organization like production, promoting and generating new business alliances, however, neglect the importance of Deepak Kankani CA CS management. This principally happens as a result of they fail to grasp the essential thought that accounting is that the fundamental part of any business formulation and therefore, it should be dead with sincere efforts and acceptable mechanism. Hence, it might not be incorrect to estimate the actual fact that little business accounting is equally necessary as the other sector of the business.

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The most common reason for accounting direction in tiny business corporations is restricted resources of financial funds. because of the low profile character, several business-minded firms cannot afford to recruit significant accounting team of specialists that may maintain the whole section of Deepak Kankani CA CS and might resolve their monetary problems. Hence, to beat this incompetent behaviour of tiny business homes, the intelligent finance advisor’s has offered the answer of outsourcing. Through tiny business accounting outsourcing, the business homeowners will even have the bigger scope of growth and prospects. It not solely avails them with a reasonable different however conjointly offers them the chance of obtaining their accounts managed with the foremost skilled and advanced strategy. For a lot of affordable possibilities, the owner can even take the help of a private United Nations agency has gained expertize in handling tiny business accounting.


However, choosing a competent tiny business CA Deepak Kankani outsourcing firm is kind of a task. it’s best that the owner ought to conduct a purposeful analysis before obtaining related to any merchandise. For the wiser accomplishment of this purpose, you’ll utilize the supply of net. several online services and consultancies supply substantial info concerning the assorted vendors providing the power of tiny business Deepak Kankani Kolkata. On the different hand, you’ll conjointly get help from friends and different business alliances that square measure already taking the advantages of such facilities. If you’re conducting this analysis through the medium of online services then build a shot to order your most well-liked vendors. After this, you’ll compare your needs with the facilities of those outsourcing corporations square measure delivering. this type of research can assist you in drawing a stronger comparison.

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Resolving Back Taxes: How an Accountant or Tax Attorney Can Help Deepak Kankani In Kolkata

In case you’re stuck in a cycle of gathering back duty obligation, you don’t need to wade through alone. Contract a bookkeeper or duty lawyer to examine your instalment alternatives and help you advance.

Back assessment obligation can sneak up on you. It begins when you miss one duty instalment due date. The subsequent fines add to your bill. On the off chance that you can’t pay the obligation off at the same time, CA Deepak Kankani the late charges keep heaping up-as does the expanding enthusiasm on your general adjust. In the long run, you may feel like you’ll never have the capacity to uncover yourself from underneath this gap. Regardless of whether you’re seeing duty obligation approaching not too far off or you’re as of now battling with back duties, you can profit by employing a proficient assessment lawyer or bookkeeper. These money related experts can go about as your supporter with the Internal Revenue Service, helping you organize a reimbursement situation that addresses your issues. In the event that you require proficient duty help, influence this the year you to investigate your back expense goals choices.

Punishment Abatement

The IRS forces an assortment of punishments identified with back duties. You can be fined for documenting your expense form after the April due date, and for neglecting to pay the full duty to adjust by that date. Besides, you’ll be charged a specific level of enthusiasm on the unpaid sum. An expense lawyer might have the capacity to arrange punishment decrease on the off chance that you can demonstrate that you have a sensible reason for the late instalment. For example, Deepak Kankani CA CS the IRS may allow punishment reduction on the off chance that you’ve endured a passing in the family, encountered a debacle at home that wiped out your monetary records or was out of work for a delayed time. With punishment decrease, much of the time, the IRS will lift any extra late instalment punishments and intrigue. You will just need to pay the first money owed so as to wind up obligation free.



Offers in Compromise

On the off chance that you at present owe more in back expenses than you can sensibly hope to pay in a specific number of years, your duty lawyer or bookkeeper might have the capacity to arrange an offer in a trade-off with the IRS. With an offer in the bargain, you propose a lesser sum than you right now owe. This sum would be one that you are really ready to pay. The IRS should then choose whether to bargain with you, as accepting a little measure of what you owe is superior to getting nothing by any means. Since this assessment goals technique includes a decrease in the obligation itself, Deepak Kankani Kolkata the IRS does not give away offers in bargain effectively. Your duty lawyer should display a solid case with respect to why you merit this thought.

Your duty goals master can help you in an assortment of different routes, contingent upon your particular circumstance. In the event that you’ve been hit with wage garnishment, wherein the IRS charges a sum from your paycheck to cover obligation instalments, an expense lawyer can arrange a wage garnishment suspension. On the off chance that your life partner got into assessing obligation and you’re being hit with the punishments, Deepak Kankani Chartered Accountant a duty goals genius can help with that, as well. Maybe above all, a duty lawyer, bookkeeper, or another master can exhort you on cash administration to enable you to abstain from sinking into a comparative obligation circumstance later on.

HFM Implementation
SAP Implementation
OPCON, sampling & TE Implementation
GRC and XBRL Implementation
System Set-up (R & D, CPO)
Service Tax Credit Availing System
IFRS and New Consolidation Package Implementation

Digital Marketing From Starting a Business in Kolkata

Get yourself a stamp for the business documents: You must have your incorporation documents authorized by the superintendent or a certified bank. This will be combined with copies of the relationship articles, Deepak Kankani CA CS repayment receipts, and memorandum. The stamped documents are then delivered to you demonstrating that the stamp responsibility that is paid.Get yourself a stamp for the business documents: You must have your incorporation documents authorized by the superintendent or a certified bank. This will be combined with copies of the relationship articles, repayment receipts, and memorandum. The stamped documents are then delivered to you demonstrating that the stamp responsibility that is paid.
– Once the varieties are duly stamped, Deepak Kankani CA CS they should be agreed upon by the promoters with a information of the actions and purposes of the business. This activity must be witnessed.

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– Get the qualification of incorporation: The varieties 1, 18, and 32 on the MCA site have to be filled out because of this. Additionally you need to add scanned examples of the directors, the memorandum, and the article’s connection along with these varieties.
– The repayment can be produced by either the web or offline settings. Once approved, the qualification of incorporation is delivered to the authorized officer of the business.
– Obtain a seal and Skillet (Permanent account amount): Any company needs to price his Skillet no. for repayment and duty deductions. The Skillet can be acquired by an approved Countrywide Securities Depository Services Ltd. or UTI resources. The PAN involves a Deepak Kankani Chartered Accountant quantity released by the evaluating official of the Office of TAX.

Executive Program in Applied Finance from IIM, Calcutta in 2008
Chartered Accountancy –Final from ICAI in 2004
B.Com. (H) St. Xavier’s College, Calcutta University, Kolkata in 2002